1. Dominator Statement:  Your value-based vision statement – the big picture.
  2. What: What exactly is it that you want to achieve? Be very specific about your goal.
  3. When: When will this occur? Divide goal into smaller bite-sized pieces – dominoes, with specific dates.
  4. Motivators: Why is this important to you? Derived from your core values, motivators keep you energized.
  5. Commitments: How are you dedicated to make this happen? Write a game plan with specific action steps.
  6. Challenges: What obstacles may you expect to encounter? How will you rise to the challenge?
  7. Strengths: What are your action-based strengths? How will these help you accomplish your goal?
  8. Reinforcements:  Who will help? What are your resources?
  9. Action: Read your board every day. Visualize what you will do each day to realize your goals.
  10. Inspired action steps will be created when they are based on your goals, motivations, values and core strengths.
  11. Dominations: Celebrate small successes along the way by adding an achievement sticker (or domino sticker, coming soon) to The Action Board.